Our Beauty Has Been Stolen

Ladies, our beauty has been stolen from us…

Google has this interesting feature when you look up the definition of a word. You can now see a line graph of the popularity of that word over the last couple of centuries. (Totally found this by accident which rocks!)

OK, so I looked up the word “beauty” and I was shocked to see what the chart looked like. This is what I found:


According to this chart the term “beauty” is completely outdated…Predominately used in the 1800s and early 1900s with a steady decline in the mid 19th century.

So you might be thinking ,”But Meagan don’t we use the term “beautiful” more than we do “beauty”?”

So I looked up “beautiful” and to my surprise the results really weren’t much different.

download (2)

This is when I began to rack my brain trying to come up with what men typically call women in my generation, and what our society now likes to refer women to as being.

Then I got it:


Here were the results for “Sexy” download (1)

This rise of “sexy” has been very rapid, which is not surprising, all you have to do is turn on the TV or listen to the hit music station to figure that one out, but the decline of “beauty” was very concerning to me. When I think of “sexy” I think of one thing….you  guessed it…sex. OK don’t get me wrong, I love to feel sexy…it makes me feel feminine and powerful. However, if women are only talked about in terms of their sex-appeal, then that subconsciously tells them they are only good for one thing…sex.

This is why so many women and girls will put aside everything else in pursuit of the attention and affection of men. It will become their identity unless our society shows them otherwise.  There’s no wonder why women shame their bodies so much if they are taught this is their most important asset.

If I don’t have a nice body and am not attractive to men, then I am a failure as a woman… 


This is a statement I hear in my head when I look into the mirror. This line of thinking leads to low self-esteem and  body shaming. I don’t want to be objectified. I want to stand next to my partner as a living, breathing, representation of the feminine spirit…not just a pretty face with breasts, and I want him to stand next to me as a living, breathing, representation of the masculine spirit….not just a hot body with chiseled abs…

This is what is absolutely enchanting about the word “beauty.”  It could represent that certain glow a woman has when she smiles, or the sweet sound of her giggle. It could represent the confidence and grace she carries herself with as she walks down the street. Beauty could be in a woman’s creative spirit, or in her nurturing, and caring heart. She could have beauty in her strength and determination  as an athlete or soldier.

But for some reason we have ripped this type of beauty away from women, and told them that they should focus on their bodies exclusively.

Some women have become obsessed with this…cosmetic surgery, tanning, etc…

I can tell you now that this is a dangerous path, but even so, I will still desperately cling onto this. I have let it send me to some pretty bad places very quickly. I want you to learn, and not do the same.

My hope for you is that you will fight to reclaim your beauty.


And my hope for society is that one day we could have equal parts of “beauty” and “sexy.”


You are worthy of both “beauty” and “sexy”, but what you are not worthy of is brokenness to get there.





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