Laundry Room Prose

(Totally wrote this in the laundry room at my dorm. Thought I would share this ridiculousness..Enjoy…)

Laundry mats suck…Right now I am sitting in a cold plastic chair with paint chipping on the edges waiting on a load of laundry that won’t be done for 45 more minutes. So in 2016 why couldn’t they have come up with the turbo washer by now? We all basically have small computers sitting in our pockets and purses, but yet we have to wait this long to soak some clothes in detergent and water?

It’s time for me to dry my clothes-yes finally!

Literally all of the dryers are full, so I am just standing here watching other people’s clothes turn round’ and round’ while I hold my mound of soggy (but nice smelling) garments. I am officially calling this laundry room purgatory.

Just found out half of these dryers are being taken up by one person…like seriously who has that many clothes??

All around me other people are hovering around the dryers like a hawk stalking its prey. They are ready to strike when one becomes available. I am not assertive enough for this…I’m gonna get eaten alive. Survival of the fittest man…survival of the fittest…

Oh God…my underwear is sticking out of the pile…I hope no one sees.

As odd as this sounds, I think there is some metaphor here about success. Sometimes we feel like we can’t get a break, or that it’s all been done before. Maybe we are waiting with baited breath for our chance and we must grab hold or it may be taken from us. We may start to get jealous and think other people have it all (maybe they have enough money to fill up seven dryers with their clothes…). But remember just like my laundry takes 45 mins to cycle, our successes don’t happen quickly. I wish they did, how much easier that would be! But all good things, including clean clothes, takes time and resources. You wouldn’t want to use just any fabric softener to get that mountain fresh scent, you’d use the best fabric softener! Just like how you’d choose your resources and the things you spend your time on wisely.

Oh and reaching for success is vulnerable. Expect to have times of embarrassment. Don’t be ashamed if your undergarments show occasionally.

(Ok this is getting weird…)

Someone is leaving a dryer it’s my chance guys…it’s my chance.  Ok so I finally got my clothes into the dryer and guess how long it takes for the drying cycle??

60 minutes…you know what I’m thinking…

Turbo dryer…


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