Thoughts From a Room-A Poem

Thoughts from a Room

Meagan Belflower


In bed she sees nothing but strange machines

The chains she wears punctured into her skin

Plastic fetters strung into a box that beeps

This place of death, a somber death, she sees

The death she placed onto herself, she receives


Then she struggles and she gasps, her heart it slows

Because it is getting too weak to beat

The crowd is called into the room

The cold and steady hands grasp onto her chest

They see her fight to hold onto her life


But in this moment she just wants to breathe again

Her warm nostrils invaded by the frigid tubes

She turns her eyes upon the ceiling

Swimming in a haze of blackened fuzz

Her body wet with sweat begins to swoon


Some say you think about your family

They say your life flashes in your eyes

Some say the world feels right at peace

They say some smile and some cry


But she just needs to breathe


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