I am enchanted by the beauty of the written word because it has the power to unlock the mysteries of the human spirit. Literature takes snapshots of our culture, passions, and flaws throughout history. I believe that it is innately human to desire to engage in storytelling, whether this is through print, musical lyric, or a moving picture. Stories captivate us, they move us emotionally, and have the ability to change us. This is why I chose to be an English major at UAB, and why I worked in the film industry for four years. Stories are magical, and I want to change lives through the art of story-telling.

My goal is to publish a memoir and a novel, and to write for TV or film. I am interested in directing and have directed short films, and worked on sets for companies like Sony, NBC, Lionsgate, National Geographic, and SyFy Channel. Women have a very small presence in the film industry, and I want to be influential to female filmmakers. I want to be bold with my writing and tackle subject matter that has not been traditionally produced.

As I commentate on life, hardship and social issues realize that I am in the midst of struggle, but I believe recording the thoughts,  actions, deceptions I have…etc could be helpful and beneficial to others during struggle. Most people write about their struggle after the fact, but I am bringing you in right during the middle of this.

Please be kind, but also genuine in leaving comments, and please try not to trigger others who are dealing with emotional struggle.


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